Election Results

Where: Hong Kong






To best deal with the recent election, I’m taking my lead from these women.




I found them doing Tai chi on a tennis court in the heart of Hong Kong.

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Pretty Stinky

Where: Bombay Beach, CA





I love the Salton Sea.



It’s full of decay and putrid smells.



I normally don’t do pretty, but because the air was kinda nasty it somehow put me in the mood to pull off some pretty.


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Give Me Dirty Laundry

Where: Lisbon, Portugal






Many like to photograph beautiful landscapes or iconic structures. For me I can’t resist laundry hanging on an outdoor line.



I’m usually drawn to impactful saturated colors, but the overcast light created a different color pallet that gives this image a sense of place.






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So Sari

Where: Las Vegas, NV






I was walking across a bridge over the Las Vegas Strip to return to my hotel.



I had been out early shooting the early morning light before a trade show and the light was getting too high and I needed to get to the show.



While the harsh light did not allow me to capture all the detail in the sari, it did boost the color saturation. And the shadow pattern from the chain link fence, made for a decent image with the not so decent light.





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Remembering Tim Mantoani

Where: New York, NY





Normally I don’t post Epson branded images on this site, but this montage is the best way for me to remember my friend Tim Mantoani.



Tim was a highly respected photographer in the industry and well-known for his work with athletes and as he would, say real people.



I met Tim several years ago when we were asked to serve on the Alumni Board of our school. It was around the time Tim started his memorable personal project, Behind Photographs. When Tim described the project at a board meeting I told him I would love to help in any way because in addition to the celebration of iconic photographs and photographers, it also celebrated the photographic print.




I was delighted to help Tim with the production of an exhibition at Photokina in 2010 and recruit photographers for his book at Photo Plus Expo in New York. Tim was taking his signature portraits one year with the 20×24 Polaroid camera in a conference room in the bowels of the convention center. I introduced Tim to some key photographers one of whom was Douglas Dubler. While Douglas was available to be photographed, he did not have a print to hold. Without hesitation, and to the dismay of colleagues, I pulled Douglas’s print out of the Epson gallery leaving a 40 x 60 inch hole. As I was walking it out of the booth, I simply told my colleagues that they had to trust me on this one. Douglas and that print appear on page 85 of Tim’s book. Because the print was so large and heavy, it’s one of the few portraits in the book where the photographer is not holding the print.



About 2 years ago our agency presented ideas for what is now the Print Your Legacy campaign. One idea that clearly stood out were tear sheets from Tim’s, Behind Photographs project. I thought it best in that meeting to stay quiet until everyone spoke knowing I would be asked for my opinion as the marketing manager. When that time came I told everyone about Tim, our friendship, how we already helped Tim with his project at Photokina and why I yanked that print out of the booth during Photo Plus Expo. The room became quiet with concern and I was asked if there were any issues with the concept. I told everyone it was a no-brainer, hire Tim and I’m sure he would be thrilled because it would reinforce the importance of his original idea. Of course everything easily fell into place.



It was a magical shoot working with the photographers and doing so at Bathhouse Studios in New York, the former home of Eddie Adams and where I was on a team that captured the first double-digit (12 megapixel) image in 1999. But most of all it was a joy working with Tim whose easy-going manner made all feel as though we were in the best of hands with the best in the business.





During the pre-light we were determining contrast ratios, composition and what size prints to use. Tim was the right height to be the stand-in and posed with different size blank sheets of paper to help determine the best size for the prints the photographers would be holding. I recall us talking about how someday we could show all of the Print Your Legacy portraits in one print. When I heard the news about Tim I looked for those files and assembled the final photographs onto a select from the contact sheet of Tim holding blanks. Be sure to click on the main image to see the details. I also came across a post production shot of Tim, Me and Steve McCurry which at that time was dubbed the 3 bald guys. While we are now just 2 bald guys, this image is a great memory for me of my buddy Tim.








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Where: Las Vegas, NV






I see things in this image that others may not.


But on this one, probably best I keep what I see to myself…

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Double Take

Where: Upper Sandusky, Ohio






A straight image of a reflection of a reflection helped take this dull scene into something more interesting.



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The Complementary Blues

Where: Bangkok, Thailand



Flower Schlep



When I saw this man carting yellow flowers under a blue awning at an outdoor market, I knew the complementary colors would make an impactful image




For those that know color theory, it doesn’t get much better color-wise when creating a composition.

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Where: Irvine, CA




Shadow arrows


Two places where I struggle to make pictures are Orlando and Orange County, California.



Maybe there is an orange connection but more likely its that both locales are modern and clean and nice and not my kind of places…



When I saw the shadows of palm trees from my hotel room crossing over the lines in the hotel’s parking lot it reminded me of angry pencil scribbles on a paper document.



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The Other Way

Where: Indianapolis, IN






Whenever I’m at a big event or tourist attraction, I always remember Jay Maisel’s advice to look in the other direction of the action.



That advice often pays dividends because that’s where some of the best pictures are found.


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Can’t Lose

Where: Kyoto, Japan




Kyoto Friends 2 copy



Kimonos are like stained glass windows, they are so amazing it’s tough to make a bad picture.


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Where: Rochester, NY





One photograph can tell multiple stories.



In this image some would see the gesture of the hand as a symbol of incarceration, while others might see the despair of refugees.



And a few would correctly point out that it’s the hand of a Dad watching his kid at a little league game.


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To be Fair

Where: Costa Mesa, California



OC Fence


After finishing a round of golf with colleagues at Strawberry Farms I knew the light would be good in 30 minutes.



So I headed to the Orange County Fair.



As I was parking the light was just about perfect and then to my dismay, I was at the end of very long line to buy tickets and then there was another long security line after that.



I calculated that by the time I got in, the light would have gone out. While walking back to the car I saw this wonderful silhouette of a person exiting the Fair through a side gate.



So I still got my shot and didn’t have to pay…



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Land of Smiles

Where: Bangkok, Thailand



Flower Girl Bangkok


“Dano, why are all the people you photograph never smiling?”



Not true!



But for smiles, I seek to capture something genuine reflecting a person’s personality like this girl in Bangkok’s flower market.


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Vegas Brewski

Where: Las Vegas



Vegas Beer



Another trade show in Las Vegas.



This time I headed to Fremont St. after show hours.






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Deep 9

Where: Tampa, Florida



Nine Sign



Simply the shadow of a hose on a windy day where leaves blew into a pool.



I waited until the wind died down revealing a number underneath the ripples.


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Going Back

Where: Mumbai, India





When I captured this image 13 years ago I was using a 6 megapixel DSLR. While under no obligation to admit this, I had the camera set to jpeg. I know, I know. But do you remember how big Raw files were when working with 2 gigs of ram…




And of top of that, the image is back-focused and underexposed.




But with my improving Photoshop skills I was able to bring back, via an improved workflow, an image that emotionally reminds me of my first trip to India.



Of course on my next trip to India I’ll be shooting Raw with a 36 megapixel camera and might even bring the sticks.



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JP Wanna B

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia



JP Effect



An ode to FOD (Friend of Dano) John Paul (JP) Caponigro.



I was walking along the waterfront in Stanley Park before a recent meeting and saw partial reflections of sailboat masts.



The partial reflections revealed the harbor bed and its different sized rocks.



Its not about the reflections or the rocks, but my attempt to emulate JP as he describes his work as “the nature of perception and the perception of nature”.

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Still Playing?

Where: Fairport NY



Horn Rest



Based on the gesture, I would speculate that while the horn is at rest the musician is continuing to play notes.



Those notes might be a bit lower than what comes out of the horn.

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11th Minute

Where: New York, NY





Outside my hotel near South St. Seaport, I came across a reflecting sculpture at the corner of Water and Pine called, “East-West Gate” by Yuyu Yang.



I only had 15 minutes before I needed to leave to make a presentation at the 2016 PDN Photo Annual.



I noted my, “have to leave time” and patiently waited for a human element to break up the abstract inanimate elements.



The perfect leg showed up at the 11th minute.



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4th Wheel

Where: Bangkok, Thailand



Bike Shooze


Having a snooze



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Fenced In

Where: San Francisco, CA






I could tell a compelling story where one felt trapped or some other related story of figurative incarceration.



But I just liked how this grate in front or a convenience store window looked with a narrow depth of field.

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Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn

Where: Poughkeepsie NY



Turned Vision



Some things just say it all.

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16 Wheeler

Where: New York City



16 Legs


Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is walking who.


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Missed the Bus?

Where: San Francisco, CA



Bus Despair


I loathe cliché’s but love when they are restated for an unexpected meaning.



We all know what its like to, “miss the bus”. I often think of the Eastman Kodak Co.



But in this image the person didn’t miss the bus, but it sure looks like she would have prefered to have missed it.

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