Waiting For The Shot

Where: Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky Ohio



Between Meeting: After an Epson Print Academy Program





For roller coaster enthusiasts, Cedar Point is one of the premier locales in the world.  When my teenagers learned I was headed to Cleveland for an Epson Print Academy program, I was “volunteered” to escort them to this hallowed ground of G forces.  Knowing my inner ear was not up to high-speed inverted drops, I elected to drop the kids off at Millennium Force.  It was a win-win.  They could ride one of the gnarliest coasters in the world, and I could go looking for pictures.



I loved the intense colors throughout the park and honed in on this geometric section at the end of one of the rides.  One of the featured photographers in the Epson Print Academy was National Geographer Photographer Bruce Dale.  Bruce would advise people about patience and sometimes its best to wait for the shot.  Knowing my kids were happy riding Millennium Force over and over, I waited and waited and watched as hundreds exited this one ride.  Each time I would have the zoom, exposure and focus set waiting for the right person to fill the frame.  After about 20 minutes patience paid off and a person with a blue shirt aligned with the blue railing and another person in a red shirt filled the gap between the yellow and orange siding.  But for me what makes this picture work is the gesture of the two girls which visually tells the story without any words.


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