The Ordinary Can Be Extraordinary

Where: Las Vegas, NV



Between Meeting: Walking to Photoshop World





There’s something about Photoshop Word where I seem to get great shots.  The best stuff is often, right around the corner.




The Las Vegas Photoshop World takes takes place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.   The trade show is located at the end of a walk through the hotel.  On the left side of that walk are large windows with views of the pool.  Early in the morning light streams in through those windows and the yellowish walls opposite the pool view, almost glow.  While on that walk I saw a hotel worker on a scissors lift changing light bulbs.  I watched for a while and when he moved the lift, I saw his silhouette move across the glowing yellow wall.



This shot was captured as the worker stepped down from the lift which was literally, around the corner from the trade show.  Even the mundane task of changing a light bulb can make for an interesting photograph.



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