Chicken Men

Where: Portland, Oregon



Between Meeting: Heading to the Airport After a Video Shoot



   Chicken-Peck2           Chicken-Peck2

Knowing there are no pictures to be found on the Interstate, I ignored the GPS and headed for the side streets.  By pure chance, I came upon the Urban Iditerod where teams in the Lower 48, mush bar to bar in themed home-made shopping carts on the same day real sledders start the Iditerod in Alaska.



Jay Maisel taught me that when working with large crowds to look for simple singular elements.  So I befriended the Chicken Team, and by taking a low angle on the pavement with a wide focal length, I was able to create a simple background of sky vs hundreds of distracting party-goers.



I lined up the team for a chicken inspection shot, but the best image was when I asked the Chicken Men to start pecking each other.


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