The Best Can Be At Your Feet

Where: San Francisco, CA



Between Meeting: Walking Back From the Moscone Center 




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The analytical left side of my brain understands that light is light.  But the creative right side of my brain is convinced, there is something truly special about the light in San Francisco.  At certain times of the year, about an hour after sunrise and an hour or so before sunset, light rakes straight down the streets illuminating everything in its path (provided you’re at the correct incident angle.)




Its not uncommon to see photographers throughout the City chasing that wonderful light as it pours across the Painted Ladies, the Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.  But when the light is beautiful, I often look for the mundane and see if I can make IT look beautiful.




By using a wide focal length, getting just on a few inches above the street and circling the subject to find that perfect angle, a lowly street hole cover can turn into a form of folk art.  When I converted the file to BW with Silver Efex Pro 2, it created a more dimensional and dynamic image.



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