Let Them Know You’ll Be Late

Where: Central Park, New York City



Between Meeting: On My Way to Fred Marcus Photography






I had an appointment with Andy and Brian Marcus who are amazing wedding photographers based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  I was a little early, it was a nice day, so I took a stroll through Central Park.  I was near the Bethesda Fountain when I saw this man in a bright orange shirt making giant soap bubbles.  The first thing I did was reach for my phone and not the camera.  I simply called Andy and let him know I was going to be late.  When something is this good capture the moment, because it might not be there after the meeting.




I spent about 20 minutes shooting the bubbles right before they burst and when the refractive surface colors were at their best.  I used a wide aperture to throw the people in the background out of focus and waited for the right moment when the orange shirt and bubble were in the right position.  In post I added a subtle blur on the left and right with FocalPoint 2 software to knock down some distracting highlights.




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