Just Off The Set

Where: Studio in Carson, CA



Between Meeting: Dinner Break During Video Shoot




Studio-Shadow2It’s been a long day today producing a video on wide format printers.  Because the printers are so large we shot them on a cyc in a studio designed to photograph cars and trucks.  We used a mix of 1Ks & 5Ks to light both the printers and the expansive background.  Due to the large areas we have to light, there are often clusters of tungsten lights and stands just off of camera.



While we were all focused on the lighting (pun intended) I noticed that the lights from one part of the set were casting a shadow on a part of the cyc that was not in the shot.  Then I saw an assistant go to move a flag. While the day was about shooting video, I went to the car, got my camera and during a break captured the shadows of tungsten lights, gear and the assistant on the curve of the cyc.




Below left are the cluster of lights that were casting the shadows on the cyc wall.  And on the right, is yours truly with the Arri Alexa we used to meet our resolution capture requirements for upcoming trade shows.





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