World’s Busiest Train Station

Where: Shinjuku Railway Station, Tokyo Japan



Between Meeting: Traveling to Epson’s Main Office





Epson’s Main office is located in the Japanese Alps.  For the most part, the only way to get there is to take the train from the airport into Central Tokyo and then transfer to another train heading to Matsumoto.  While some of my colleagues prefer to go straight through to Matsumoto, I like to spend the night in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, and take a train in the morning.   By doing this, I can take pictures during the morning rush hour in the Shinjuku Railway Station.   Shinjuku is the busiest station in the world as measured by passenger traffic.  With 3.5 million people a day using the station, it’s a Dano kinda of place!




Many commuters in Tokyo opt for conservative business attire.  So when I saw a woman with bright yellow tights, I knew this could make for an interesting picture.  But very quickly I lost sight of her due to the hundreds of thousands of commuters swarming through the station.  Then a few minutes later I spotted her taking the stairs up to one of the platforms.  I went up the staircase but again those amazing yellow legs disappeared into a sea of people.  I looked and looked and when I turned around there she was standing in front of a yellow line which is the color coding of the train line.  When I saw yellow on yellow and then for the first time saw that the shoe heels were yellow I remember thinking, what amazing luck.  Then a train zoomed across my viewfinder and I thought all was lost because of how it blocked my composition.




It wasn’t until a few minutes later, when I looked at the LCD, that I realized how lucky I really was as a yellow stripe on the train recorded as a blur due to the shutter speed which turned the scene into a real photograph.  So today when I am taking pictures in crowded places and people are getting in the way or there are distracting elements, I always remember Shinjuku as sometimes those distractions can be of great help.





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