Bubble Boy

Where: Costa Mesa, CA



Between Meeting: Sunday Before a Monday Morning Meeting






Water-Bubble-BoyWhen I have a meeting Monday AM that requires travel, I try to arrive by Noon on Sunday.  This gives me enough time to look for pictures when the light is good later in the afternoon.  I did a Google search on What’s Happening in Orange County (South of Los Angeles) and learned of the Orange County Fair.





I love State and County Fairs anywhere in the country because they are usually filled with great color and shapes to photograph.




At the far end of this Fair were Bubble Rollers, where children climb into large plastic bubbles and bob around in a pool.  The challenge was finding a singular element in a confusing scene and then pulling focus.  When I saw a boy wearing a yellow shirt I honed in on his every move through the pool knowing the complementary yellow and blues could create vibrating color.  I increased shutter speed to both stop action and reduce depth of field then manually focused to prevent  the autofocus picking up on the contrast in the small waves in the pool.  After about 30 exposures that missed, this one worked.



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