No Light, No Problem

Where: Yangon, Myanmar



Between Meeting: Weekend Before a Meeting in China





I attended a meeting at an Epson facility outside of Hong Kong last year.  I went two days early to take advantage of the weekend, cashed in some frequent flyer miles and flew from Hong Kong to Bangkok and then onto to Yangon (formerly Rangoon) Myanmar (also known as Burma).



Several photographers told me Burma was a photographer’s paradise.  While they were thinking of the famous Pagodas in the North, I found photographic paradise on the amazing streets of Yangon.  With only 48 hours in country, I was on high alert for the best images in the least amount of time.  So when the light became too flat and the tropical temperatures soared, I sought out pictures indoors and visited a Monastery.




I soon learned that this was the time when young monks had their last meal for the day, and I was allowed to make photographs.  The light inside was dim and filled with color casts that could not be white balanced.  In the analog world I would have had to punt, but with a DSLR I pushed the ISO up to 2000 and experimented with blurs at 1/9 of a second.  I concentrated on finding a singular element that would stand out from similar elements.  When one of the monks reached across the table I panned to get a bit more sharpness on him letting the others blur.




With Adobe Camera Raw I found a compromise white balance and then brought out the reds with Viveza 2.




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