When You Gotta Go…

Where: Miami, Florida



Between Meeting: The Day After Photoshop World






I love the art deco buildings of South Beach, but my favorite place in Miami is Little Havana.



8th Street, better known in the area as Calle Ocho, is a Cuban neighborhood filled with amazing people. While walking down Calle Ocho I came upon Maximo Gomez Park better known as Domino Park, where spirited people play a very aggressive game of dominos.




With my limited High School Spanish I befriended an elderly man.  We drank some remarkable Cuban coffee.  He then introduced me to his friends, we drank more coffee and also smoked an amazing cigar. After a good 45 minutes, I felt there was enough rapport that I could bring out the camera.  Rapport is so important in this situation and my new friend was turning into a wonderful Fixer.



He advised me who I should photograph to make the best impression and then made the introductions.  I saw a great face and asked if he could introduce me.  He quickly refused telling me, “Not a good idea, he was at the Bay of Pigs and still a wanted man”.  I took his advise, and we drank some more coffee.



I was in the zone capturing so many amazing images, but my concentration was quickly broken due to the after-effects of drinking all that coffee.  There was so much to shoot and I didn’t want to leave, but I had to refocus my efforts on finding el bano.



I was so frustrated having to leave but when I came upon a mop leaning against a colorful wall outside the bano, I knew this was going to be the best shot.  I made a strategic decision to take care of nature first, then made a few simple exposures where the mop looked like a face with long hair.



I was back in Miami a year later for a different trade show.  After the show ended I headed straight to that park.  I had a much higher resolution camera and was determined to make an even better photograph.  I jumped out of the taxi and went straight to the wall.  The mop was still there!   But it was leaning against a freshly painted beige wall.  It was now a zero picture.  I was reminded to always get the shot, because it might not be there in the future.




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