Why I Love This Picture

Where: French Quarter, New Orleans



Between Meeting: After Trade Show Hours






I’m headed to New Orleans later this month on business.  In prep for the trip I was reminded that I made one of my favorite images in The Crescent City, pre- Katrina, of a hotel worker taking a break.




Most see this as a simple, quiet picture.  But to me its filled with multiple elements of composition many of which I learned from my amazing high school instructor, Warren King.







Rule of Thirds



-The woman is in a third


-Her head is in a third


-The top step is in a third


-The bottom of the door is in a third






-The meeting of the two green doors


-The white door jambs


-The equidistant beige wall


-The steps and the threshold


-The door hinges






-Similar colors of the door, dress, tattoo and steps






-Body pointed right, head pointed left telling a story that could be about the present, or the future, or maybe the past



Interrupted Pattern



-The crumbled paper next to the step that shouldn’t be there, but connects with the highlights in the socks and the door jamb.




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