Bus Stops

Where: Delhi, India



Between Meeting: After an Epson Print Academy Program




23Bus stops are often fertile ground for great photographs.  My favorite bus stops are in San Fransisco because the older shelters have diffused stripes that are etched into the glass.  These stripes cast shadows and make for great silhouettes.  The bus stops in Las Vegas cast different patterns due to the drilled holes that make up the back wall of the shelters.  Rochester NY has patterns etched into the glass of their bus shelters that make for interesting design forms.




Right after we completed an Epson Print Academy program in Delhi, I walked to the front of the hotel where there was a busy bus stop on the Inner Ring Road.  There were no bus shelters in this spot, just a parade of buses with hundreds of people.  Each of the buses had a person in the last seat who would wait until the final person boarded, then would bang the side of the bus with his hand signalling the driver it was safe to pull away.




Of the 20 or so people I photographed who performed this service for the drivers, this person’s eyes really connected with the lens.  It’s the only exposure I was able to make before he banged the side of the bus and sped away.



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