Where: Airport, Rochester NY



Between Meeting: Traveling to the ICP Infinity Awards in NYC






5Rochester has a reputation for gray skies.  The old joke is that the 18% Gray Card was patterned after a typical Rochester sky at high noon.  While a gray card is the sensitometric halfway point between white and black, skies in Rochester do sometimes feel a bit 18%.



While waiting to board my flight, I noticed moving shadows on the floor that I had not seen in a few weeks.  When I looked up, it was unusually sunny and I saw two people washing windows one story up from the boarding area.  In one direction the light was flat, but in the direction of this image, the light was backlighting the soap and giving the scene a sense of texture.  So I just followed the window washer on the side of the building with the good light, waiting for the right moment of soap, squeegee, composition and action.



I set everything to manual to prevent the autofocus from going to infinity and exposed for the soap letting the person silhouette.





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