The Wave

Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico



Between Meeting: After Taping For the Epson Print Academy




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I have a tendency to crop in tight.  Sometimes too tight.  So when I had some free time after video taping at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for the Epson Print Academy, I forced myself to go wide.



I was trying to capture the expanse of the scene and the saturated colors against the early morning sky.  But I found that this was a scene where what I was experiencing, didn’t look that great in the viewfinder.  By going too wide, the balloons looked like upside down specs of tear shaped colors.



So to create a sense of depth I moved in tighter, focusing on individual balloons.  It was better, but then all I had were big colorful balloons  e.g. the dreaded postcard.  In the distance I saw balloons taking off in shadowed areas and rising into the light.  That contrast created a sense of depth and became my portal to a picture vs a postcard.



I followed 7 balloons as they rose from the shadows to the brightly lit sky.  These were OK.  But as the 8th balloon rose, the Pilot took off his hat and started waving to the Zebras.  With all the amazing color and shapes in that sky, ironically its the B&W silhouette of a gesture, that makes this a real photograph.



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