Lots of Yellow

Where: Downtown Los Angeles



Between Meeting: On my Way to See Jay Silverman





I was very fortunate to have attended Reseda High School.  From the 60s through the 80s many considered the Photo Program, under the direction of Warren King, to be the best of any high school program in North America.  And decades later I often work with fellow alumni who are leaders in the industry like Gil Smith, Jeff Sedlik and Jay Silverman.




I was on my way to meet with Jay on some ideas for a future project.  While driving through downtown LA en-route to his studio in Hollywood, I had this flash of yellow.  So I drove around the block for another pass and saw a boy in a yellow shirt and yellow sun glasses sitting at a bus stop with a yellow ad.  I drove around the block again, parked the car, asked permission and the captured the scene.




Later I noticed the green shade of the ice cream cup matched the green logo on the shirt which was nice.  But even with all the strong colors in the scene, Jay Maisel’s equation for a successful image came together with Light (coming from the right giving the face a sense of dimension) Gesture (the way the boy was eating) and Color (yellows, reds, greens).



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