On The Level

Where: Parking Garage, Beverly Hills CA



Between Meeting: Before Lucie Awards





Sometimes you have to work for the image.  In this case, I just drove to the right level to find it.  I was on my way to the Lucie Awards and was a bit early.  I pulled into the parking structure of the Beverly Hilton Hotel where the event was taking place and for grins, I kept driving up to the different levels to see if there was anything more interesting to photograph.  When I got to the 5th level, light was streaming through the metal slats of the parking structure because I was now at a height above the surrounding trees.



I zoomed the lens in to the widest focal length and placed the camera directly on the pavement for a dramatic angle.  Since I could not see through the viewfinder, I made a series of exposures angling the camera up and down slightly to ensure one of the exposures would fill the frame with the best composition.



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