Under The Microscope?

Where: Point Mugu, California



Between Meeting: Driving Back to the Office



NeedlepointI was driving back to our offices in Long Beach from meetings at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.  I was getting low on gas and arbitrarily took an exit off of the 101 in search of a gas station.  While looking for gas, out of no-where, I came across the Point Mugu Missile Park.



Turns out there was a naval base nearby and the Missile Park features various aircraft that were tested in the area in the 1950s & 60s.  I love aviation and I was like a little kid walking around the various planes when my inner adult voice said, “This is fun, but why don’t we try to make a photograph”.



It was a foggy day and the sun was peaking in and out through the dense cloud cover.  The clouds were acting like a giant +10 ND “Big Stopper” allowing the sun to be seen as a small disc in the sky.  I thought it would be interesting to incorporate the sun since its usually way too bright except at sunrise and sunset.  But instead of it being a small disc in the sky, it was really a boring small disk in the sky.  So I looked for something that would provide scale, got on my back and positioned a fighter jet as if it were balancing the sun on its nose.  That too was kinda boring.  I then moved a slight amount so instead of the jet balancing the sun like a small ball, it looked like a microscopic view of a needle penetrating a cell in a petri dish.  Converting to Black and White helped with the illusion.





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