The Blues

Where: Philadelphia, PA



Between Meeting: After Visiting Shades of Paper



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After a meeting at Shades of Paper, I had a few hours before my flight out of the Philly airport.  I programed the GPS, and planned to ignore it if I saw or sensed there could be an interesting picture.



Like the time in LA where I saw a flash of yellow and drove around the block to find a boy dressed in yellow at a yellow bus stop, I saw a similar flash of color, only this time it was blue.  With the GPS informing me I was now going the wrong way to the airport, I drove around to see what the flash of blue might have been.



I  slowly drove by and saw a pool with a blue wall but it was too late to stop, so another right turn, another GPS  “Your going the wrong way” and I drove around the corner but this time parked the car.  When I walked up to the fence I saw this person on the coping stones of the pool.  I couldn’t tell if he was doing pushups or looking for a lost article at the bottom of the pool.  It didn’t matter.  His posture and the position of his arms were in wonderful symmetry with the metal railing within the varying shades of blue.




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