Complementary Colors

Where: Miami Beach, FL



Between Meeting:  Heading to the Airport



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I had a noon flight out of Miami which meant I could look for pictures on South Beach in the early morning. I was drawn to a particular building with complementary blue and yellow colors.



In optical color theory, complementary colors are created when one additive and one subtractive creates white, grey, or black when combined.  Complementary colors are 180 degrees from each other on the optical color wheel e.g Red-Cyan, Green-Magenta and Blue-Yellow.  From a design perspective, I have found complementary colors often create impactful images even though the colors are formed with pigments vs light.



While the blue on this particular wall was more aqua in keeping with the look of South Florida, it still created a sense of vibration next to the yellow.



I was working the composition with the colors and the lines when I saw moving stripes out of the corner of my left eye.  Instinctively I zoomed out and when I saw a woman wearing blue strips that were perpendicular with the ridges on the blue part of the wall move into the scene, I checked focus and waited until she was in the right third of the frame.



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