Carry The Sticks

Where: Tokyo Japan



Between Meeting:  Night Before Meeting at Headquarters





I arrived in Japan last week and spent the night in Tokyo.  I had to take a train to Epson’s Headquarters the next day and would only have this one opportunity to make night photographs.



During the day Tokyo often feels monochromatic, but at night it comes alive with color.  Yet instead of shooting the usual and somewhat pedantic colorful signs, I tried a different approach and looked for interesting blurs.



I put the camera on a tripod (when possible I travel with lightweight sticks), leaned over the railing of a pedestrian overpass, and experimented with shutter speeds between 1/3rd and 1/8th of a second.  I checked the histogram, settled on 1/8th of a second and proceeded to make several exposures over a 15 minute period.  I was looking for right mix of blurs and their interaction with the concentric circles on the sidewalk.




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