The Prophet

Where: San Francisco, CA



Between Meeting: Enroute to a Video Editing Session





Instead of taking the more scenic route to my appointment in the Presidio,  I drove through San Francisco’s infamous Tenderloin District.



While many consider the Tenderloin to be an unsavory and dangerous part of town, for me its where the some of the most interesting people can be found.



When I spotted this person in a wheelchair wearing a crown I had to stop and try for a photograph.  As I walked closer to the man he said, “I see you want to take a picture”.  I said, “I’ve never photographed a King before”.  He then told me he was not a King but a Prophet.   Then he said, “You know its $5 to photograph the Prophet”.  And I said, “OK”.



While some might say its inappropriate to pay a person for this type of image, but for $5, I got the picture.



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