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From The Cab

Where: New York City



Between Meeting: After Meeting with Peter Max





After a meeting with Peter Max, I grabbed a cab near his studio by Lincoln Center heading downtown on Broadway.



There was a lot of traffic which for most is annoying, but for me was great because its easier to photograph out the window at slower speeds.



As we crawled down Broadway I saw this back-lit outdoor plaza approaching.  As we started to pass by I told the driver to stop, when the silhouette appeared before me.



I didn’t notice the double outline of a man to the left of the woman, or the shadow of a tree which together look somewhat like the Grim Reaper and his scythe.




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Get Tight

Where: Catalina Island, CA



Between Meeting: Company Outing





For an outing we took a ferry to Catalina Island, which is just off the coast from Los Angeles.



Once there, we boarded a bus for a tour.  Our driver was the happiest person I ever met and delivered a steady stream of laughter via the PA system on the bus.  When we stopped for a break at a scenic overlook, my colleagues poured out of the bus and headed straight for the view.



Knowing the view would be just another view, I focused on the extraordinarily happy bus driver, who of course was thrilled that I was paying attention to him.



There were a lot of distracting elements in the background so I wanted to get in tight.  Then I remembered the advise of world renowned travel photographer Bob Krist, “When you think your tight try going 3 steps closer”.  My lens must have only been a few inches from the man’s chin, and by being this close and at a low angle, I completely eliminated all the distracting elements.




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Where: Tucson, Arizona



Between Meeting: Dawn Before Meeting with Swanee





I was scheduled to meet with Mary Virgina Swanson at 9:00am.  Mary, better known in the industry as “Swanee”, is a fine art marketing consultant based in Tucson.



I was up at 4:30am since I was still on Eastern Time, and made an attempt to photograph the sunrise over the saguaros near my hotel.



Like so many natural history scenes, when I looked through the viewfinder I felt like I’d seen it before, or have seen much better like the amazing saguaro work of Jack Dykinga.



And as the sun rose, I had yet another perfectly exposed pedestrian picture of cacti at sunrise. I remember feeling a bit down that yet again, the only place I could find photographic inspiration was in a concrete jungle, vs a natural one.  But when I turned around towards the rental car my spirits rose, as the interesting picture was not the sunrise, but the moonset.



By positioning the moon at the top of one saguaro and cropping into its arm, I saw a top down view of thumb & pool stick about to strike the moon into the corner pocket.





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Where: Century City, CA



Between Meeting: Before a Meeting with an Ad Agency





We had a 10:00am meeting with an ad agency whose offices are located in the Century Plaza Towers.  Since high school, I admired these twin buildings and for the first time had an opportunity to actually go inside.



I arrived early to check things out.  To my disappointment, the buildings were more interesting from a distance.  With an hour now to kill, I bought a coffee and sat at a table in the courtyard so I could check email.



Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shaft of light that was a reflection of one building in the glass entrance of the other building.  It was interesting, but not enough to think about removing the lens cap.



Then I saw a person walking through the reflection and within seconds the lens cap was off, shutter speed to stop the action was set, and I waited.  And I waited.  Turns out these buildings sit on top of one of the world’s largest underground parking garages.  So elevators take people straight from the garage to their floor explaining why the lobby I was looking at was very quiet.



It was a good thing I was an hour early for the meeting.  I waited for about 35 minutes before the the right person, walked through that reflection, at the right moment.




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Don’t Ask

Where: Orlando, Florida



Between Meeting: After Photoshop World





A woman got out of a taxi wearing a horse head and made her way into my hotel via the revolving door.




Not sure what was up, but the light was great and I liked the incongruity of the scene combined with the Do Not Enter sign.






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