Where: Century City, CA



Between Meeting: Before a Meeting with an Ad Agency





We had a 10:00am meeting with an ad agency whose offices are located in the Century Plaza Towers.  Since high school, I admired these twin buildings and for the first time had an opportunity to actually go inside.



I arrived early to check things out.  To my disappointment, the buildings were more interesting from a distance.  With an hour now to kill, I bought a coffee and sat at a table in the courtyard so I could check email.



Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shaft of light that was a reflection of one building in the glass entrance of the other building.  It was interesting, but not enough to think about removing the lens cap.



Then I saw a person walking through the reflection and within seconds the lens cap was off, shutter speed to stop the action was set, and I waited.  And I waited.  Turns out these buildings sit on top of one of the world’s largest underground parking garages.  So elevators take people straight from the garage to their floor explaining why the lobby I was looking at was very quiet.



It was a good thing I was an hour early for the meeting.  I waited for about 35 minutes before the the right person, walked through that reflection, at the right moment.




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