Where: Tucson, Arizona



Between Meeting: Dawn Before Meeting with Swanee





I was scheduled to meet with Mary Virgina Swanson at 9:00am.  Mary, better known in the industry as “Swanee”, is a fine art marketing consultant based in Tucson.



I was up at 4:30am since I was still on Eastern Time, and made an attempt to photograph the sunrise over the saguaros near my hotel.



Like so many natural history scenes, when I looked through the viewfinder I felt like I’d seen it before, or have seen much better like the amazing saguaro work of Jack Dykinga.



And as the sun rose, I had yet another perfectly exposed pedestrian picture of cacti at sunrise. I remember feeling a bit down that yet again, the only place I could find photographic inspiration was in a concrete jungle, vs a natural one.  But when I turned around towards the rental car my spirits rose, as the interesting picture was not the sunrise, but the moonset.



By positioning the moon at the top of one saguaro and cropping into its arm, I saw a top down view of thumb & pool stick about to strike the moon into the corner pocket.





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