Get Tight

Where: Catalina Island, CA



Between Meeting: Company Outing





For an outing we took a ferry to Catalina Island, which is just off the coast from Los Angeles.



Once there, we boarded a bus for a tour.  Our driver was the happiest person I ever met and delivered a steady stream of laughter via the PA system on the bus.  When we stopped for a break at a scenic overlook, my colleagues poured out of the bus and headed straight for the view.



Knowing the view would be just another view, I focused on the extraordinarily happy bus driver, who of course was thrilled that I was paying attention to him.



There were a lot of distracting elements in the background so I wanted to get in tight.  Then I remembered the advise of world renowned travel photographer Bob Krist, “When you think your tight try going 3 steps closer”.  My lens must have only been a few inches from the man’s chin, and by being this close and at a low angle, I completely eliminated all the distracting elements.




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