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Window Light

Where: Benicia, CA



Between Meeting: Break During a Video Shoot


I was producing a video featuring Bambi Cantrell at her studio in Benicia, CA.  For the interview we blocked the daylight coming from the windows and lit with controlled light.



After the interview we opened up the windows and this strong raking light poured into the studio.  I told my amazing DP, Marc Vanocur of Shout Softly, to take a 10 minute break so I could do something with a still image.



I looked around and found this wonderful chair with cracked paint.  I simply positioned it to create the shadows.  Later I converted to Black-and-White using the same techniques per these video tutorials.



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Mid-Day Light

Where: Vancouver Canada



Between Meeting: Lunch




I was in Vancouver for a meeting with London Drugs and had some free time during lunch.



Mid-Day is usually the worst time to make photographs because the light is flat and two dimensional.  I have been known to violate the Jay Maisel rule of carrying the camera if its mid-day, because the lens cap rarely comes off in that type of bad light.



But I noticed an interesting outdoor fountain and people walking in an area that was shaded.  The shaded area created contrast for an end of day vs mid-day light.   Its also an example of how powerful Black-and-White can be, per the recent series of videos I produced.




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Don’t Spill It

Where: San Francisco, CA



Between Meeting: After Meeting with Sexton & Weston





After meeting with John Sexton and Kim Weston about a new series of Black-and-White videos, I drove from the Monterrey Peninsula up to San Francisco for a flight home the next day.




I like to stay at the Stanford Court Hotel on Nob Hill because it feels like old San Francisco, and because its located at an interesting intersection of cable car tracks.




Early in the morning at the right incident angle, the tracks glow in high contrast light.  Having been with two Black-and-White masters the day before, I was inspired to shoot this scene in Black-and-White  The black background was due to the steep angle of California Street, and then I waited for the right pedestrian for a sense of scale and gesture.  In this case, someone carefully holding a coffee so it would not spill.




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Benefits of Jetlag

Where: Lakewood, CA



Between Meeting: Driving to the Office




I was still on Eastern Time when I woke up at 4:00am in LA.  I’m not a morning person, so it’s great when I travel East to West and find myself up early, because dawn can be the best light of the day.




On my way to the office the world started to light up and to my delight, it was foggy.  Knowing fog can create mood and drama, I looked everywhere for something interesting to photograph.




But I was in a soulless suburb of LA surrounded by pedestrian looking fast food restaurants and chain stores.  Then I pulled into the parking lot of the Lakewood Center Mall.  Since it was early, there were no cars or people and I found my shot that used the fog to convey a story.




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