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Where: Salton Sea, CA



Between Meeting: Sunday Before a Monday Meeting




I had a free weekend while on the road in Southern California and headed to Palm Springs.  When possible, I travel with two sets of sticks (That’s a tripod and my golf clubs).



I’m an avid golfer.  Many years ago I carried a 9 handicap.  But that was the analog world, where there seemed to be more time to practice than in today’s digital world.



I love the natural beauty of a golf course.  I also enjoy playing in beautifully landscaped settings that are often in well-to-do zip codes.  But after a round, I find myself drawn to the tougher parts of town.  While I try to shoot a low score with one set of sticks in a nice neighborhood, I reach for my other sticks by Manfrotto to shoot compelling images in areas not found in tourist guides.



So after an enjoyable round of golf in Palm Springs, I headed two hours in the wrong direction to the Salton Sea.  Communities around the Salton Sea like Bombay Beach are either in decline, decay or are outright abandoned.  Perfect!



So I played golf mid-day in bad light, made photographs in the decay in good light, then headed back to a resort for dinner.  Does that make me a hypocrite?  I make sure not to play golf in the good light……



I converted this image to Black-And-White for impact and used it for these online tutorials on Black-and-White printing.




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Hills of San Francisco

Where: San Francisco, CA



Between Meeting: Ducked Out During Business Dinner




For those that know me, there are two underlying reasons why this is a trademark Dano picture.






Shoot When the Light is Right.  We just sat down at a business dinner near Ghirardelli Square.  I looked out the window and saw Sweet Light where everything outside was starting to glow.  I just looked at the most senior colleague with a sad face and he said, “Oh the light must be right for Dano, go ahead”.  While I have trained my colleagues,  don’t be afraid to say, “Excuse me, the light is right, may I be excused”.






Get Tight.  I came home from San Francisco and my wife expected to see pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard St. etc.  She saw this image and said, “How can anyone tell you were even in San Francisco”.  When I’m in an iconic location I hone in on telling a story, but without the postcard.  In this picture, I thought the angle of the news stands would convey the steep angle of a San Francisco St.  But it wasn’t enough.  So I waited for the right people to walk by to reinforce the angle.  Fortunately these 3 women were running for a bus.  Their sprint gives the image a sense of energy, and their lean tells the story of the steep angled street.  And because they were running up a steep hill, they weren’t going that fast allowing me to shoot multiple exposures for the best composition.



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Mirrors Without Smoke

Where: O’Hare Airport, Chicago



Between Meeting: Changing Planes for a Meeting in New York





At a recent car shoot I picked up a tip to enhance an image with a reflective floor, just put the camera on the ground.  At very low angles, reflective surfaces can bring a subject to life or pick-up additional reflections that are not visible at eye level.



With an extra 20 minutes vs the usual race to a connecting flight, I experimented putting my camera on the floor in the tunnel that connects the B and C gates in the United Terminal at O’Hare.



Not only did I capture the mirrored reflection of the escalator, but a double reflection of the ceiling above the escalator reflecting into the floor and then reflecting again into a sub-ceiling in front of the escalator.



While this pedestrian tunnel is famous for its changing color patterns, I found that converting to Black-and-White made for a more impactful picture and less pedestrian.



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Vacation, NOT

Where: Cedar Point, Ohio



Between Meeting: Pretending to be on Vacation




We took our kids to Cedar Point Ohio.  For roller coaster enthusiasts, its one the best places on the planet.



I am not a roller coaster kinda of guy so I pretended to be on vacation and when no one was looking, made phone calls and checked email on my iPhone.



While I’m not interested in riding the coasters, I now willingly take anybody to any amusement park and will stop at any county fair because the colors and shapes can be an infinite photographic tapestry.



This blurred image is not blurred.  It’s a reflection in the window opposite a Sky Ride.  Be sure to click on the image to go full screen to see how the reflection created an outline of the scene for a more compelling picture.



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