Mirrors Without Smoke

Where: O’Hare Airport, Chicago



Between Meeting: Changing Planes for a Meeting in New York





At a recent car shoot I picked up a tip to enhance an image with a reflective floor, just put the camera on the ground.  At very low angles, reflective surfaces can bring a subject to life or pick-up additional reflections that are not visible at eye level.



With an extra 20 minutes vs the usual race to a connecting flight, I experimented putting my camera on the floor in the tunnel that connects the B and C gates in the United Terminal at O’Hare.



Not only did I capture the mirrored reflection of the escalator, but a double reflection of the ceiling above the escalator reflecting into the floor and then reflecting again into a sub-ceiling in front of the escalator.



While this pedestrian tunnel is famous for its changing color patterns, I found that converting to Black-and-White made for a more impactful picture and less pedestrian.



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