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Ground Level

Where: Boston, MA



Between Meeting: Recent Epson Finish Strong Photo Shoot




We were in Boston a few weeks ago to produce the latest Epson Finish Strong Ad.  The concept called for a photographer to capture an image at a dramatic angle atop a tall building.  In keeping with the Finish Strong campaign, the main image captures the photographer capturing the final photograph.  So there are two photographers at work in these ads and usually lots of moving parts.



We were fortunate to obtain permission to climb the main antenna atop the Prudential Tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in Boston.  But to be more specific, the amazing photographer Joe McNally and his first assistant Michael Cali, had permission to climb.  Yours truly could only watch from the roof for insurance reasons.



I pretended to be upset with this restriction, but in reality was relieved to have a legitimate excuse to avoid climbing.  The thought of dangling from ropes on an antenna 800 feet in the air would be enough to send me straight to the laundromat…



So I challenged myself to make a picture right outside the Tower, but in my comfort zone at street level.  Fortunately, there was an outdoor water feature where kids were running in and out of water jets.  After asking permission of the parents to photograph the kids in the image, I looked for something more than just stopping the action.  My favorite shot shows the kids analyzing the moving spray patterns in prep for their dash to avoid getting wet.






50+ stories above the water jets strapped onto a pole, Joe McNally was coordinating the real pictures.  These screenshots are from the behind the scenes video where I do have a small Hitchcock cameo.

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Delhi Taxi

Where: Delhi, India



Between Meeting: After Epson Print Academy





From Dallas to Toronto to Tijuana to Delhi, I love photographing taxis.



In urban life its easy to take this mode of transportation for granted.  But photographically, taxis around the world are filled with color, drama and gesture.



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TJ Taxi

Where: Tijuana, Mexico



Between Meeting: After San Diego Epson Print Academy





As part of the continuing series on Taxis, this image heads south to the Mexican border town of Tijuana.



Tijuana, also known as TJ, is an easy walk from a parking lot on the USA side of the border. 



While some feel they are walking from the First World to the Third, I always felt transported into a photographer’s paradise of color.  I’m writing in the past tense because there have been troubles in TJ, and the US Government has issued warnings on travel.  I look forward to an announcement that it’s safe to return, because TJ is filled with so many interesting compositional elements.



On my last trip to TJ, I saw this yellow taxi parked in front of a yellow awning in great light.  I knew it had the potential to be a great image, but it needed a third element.  When the driver came out of the shop with the yellow awning, wearing a yellow shirt, I changed shutter speed to stop his motion and waited for the right monochromatic moment.


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Toronto Taxi

Where: Toronto, Canada



Between Meeting: After Interviewing Michael Reichmann





Like the previous post, I like to photograph taxicabs.  They are often colorful, but what makes them the most interesting, is how their colors interact with other colors.



I just completed interviewing Michael Reichmann and was able to join the Toronto Group for Scott Kelby’s Photo Walk that coincided with my visit to Canada.



The Photowalk headed to an area of warehouses, but I saw a taxi stopped at a light in the opposite direction and headed that way instead.  Many taxis in Toronto are red and yellow and this cab was stopped in front of a billboard where the art was peeling.



By getting in tight and going vertical, I was able to create a composition of colorful abstract thirds.





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Texas Taxi

Where: Dallas, TX Airport



Between Meeting: Prep Day Before an Epson Print Academy





I walked out of baggage claim to get a cab to where we were setting up for the Dallas Print Academy.



I saw that hat, got out my camera, and found the right spot for the best composition.



Another one of my tight compositions that some might call claustrophobic, but to me, it says Texas.

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