TJ Taxi

Where: Tijuana, Mexico



Between Meeting: After San Diego Epson Print Academy





As part of the continuing series on Taxis, this image heads south to the Mexican border town of Tijuana.



Tijuana, also known as TJ, is an easy walk from a parking lot on the USA side of the border. 



While some feel they are walking from the First World to the Third, I always felt transported into a photographer’s paradise of color.  I’m writing in the past tense because there have been troubles in TJ, and the US Government has issued warnings on travel.  I look forward to an announcement that it’s safe to return, because TJ is filled with so many interesting compositional elements.



On my last trip to TJ, I saw this yellow taxi parked in front of a yellow awning in great light.  I knew it had the potential to be a great image, but it needed a third element.  When the driver came out of the shop with the yellow awning, wearing a yellow shirt, I changed shutter speed to stop his motion and waited for the right monochromatic moment.


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