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Where: New York, NY



Between Meeting: Photo Plus Expo





It’s that time of year and many of us are at Photo Plus Expo. For me its like coming home, and I was touched when an Epson Executive came to a pre-show meeting one year and announced, “Welcome to Dano’s Hood”



While the show has changed its name several times from Photo East to Viscomm, it’s been at the Javits Center for over 25 years.



No one likes the building, even the Governor wants to tear it down.  But it’s an old friend and one year after we were done setting-up the booth, I set out to make some interesting pictures.




Instead of wide angle shots of all the dark glass (before the renovation), I found that while the building itself is not particularly beautiful, it used to reflect wonderful colors and shapes in these images.  But as I arrived at the building this week, I noticed all the dark glass has been replaced with a lighter and less reflective glass that has a greenish cast.  While the new glass will let in more light and keep the rain out, the old glass made for better reflections.



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