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2013-BlogWhen I was producing a video with Bruce Dale, I asked him what was the best way to build a portfolio with limited time. Bruce said, “Focus on making just one picture a week”.



When I started this blog a year ago today, I was going to do two to three posts a week. But I’ve settled into Bruce’s recommended one picture a week schedule.



To come clean, I’ve been doing one post a week from files captured Between Meetings at Epson since 2003.  While I almost always carry the camera finding time to capture images Between Meetings, I can’t seem to find the time to stay current with editing.  At present, I have over three years of Raw files that I haven’t had a chance to review.  These Raw, unprocessed files, total around one terabyte. So I should have enough content to keep the blog going every week for a while.



A big thank you to all who have sent comments my way.  This hardened New Yorker (even though I grew up in LA) continues to be touched when these arrive in my inbox.  An equally big thank you to those that have pointed out bugs with my site design and grammatical errors to fix.  I of course deliberately put those errors into the posts to see who catches them…



And on being touched, several have written that the pictures (above) from the past year, have inspired them to pick up the camera and start making photographs again.  These inspirational comments remind me of what Jay Maisel once said that is now part of my DNA, “I’m not interested in showing you how smart I am, but showing you how terrific it is out there, and it’s always out there.”



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