Where: Costa Mesa, CA



Between Meeting: Prepping for a Monday Presentation



SmokeyIt was another Sunday in the office getting ready for Monday. Knowing I would finish in time for the best light of the day, I did a search on, “Things to do in Orange County”.  I saw the Orange County Fair was taking place so I packed up for the day and headed south on the 405.



I love County and State fairs because they are often filled with colorful people in and around saturated colors.  But on this day, I was drawn to the desaturated tones caused by billowing smoke from an outdoor barbecue.



Remembering Jay Maisel’s, “I’m from New York, I don’t trust any air I can’t see” I spent most of my time shooing through and finding angles that enhanced the smoke. I knew that in Black and White I could take this daylight scene shot in a modern affluent community, and make it feel like 1950’s film noir.



When I made the conversion in post to black and white, I worked the midtone contrast to enhance the smoke, and capture the feel of the classic shafts of light from Grand Central Station on the grill.



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