Blah to Blur

Where: Hong Kong, China



Between Meeting: Day Before Meeting in Shenzhen



Hong Kong Blur Flat


I was producing a video on Epson manufacturing in Shenzhen China.



While there is an airport in Shenzhen, for a variety of logistical reasons it was easier to fly into neighboring Hong Kong the day before. This would also give me a free 1/2 day to shoot in the more colorful Hong Kong.



But the weather was lousy. It was overcast and basically, blah. So I decided to board a double-decker bus in a major shopping area. I wasn’t concerned where it was going as I was only interested in creating blurs through the windows on the upper deck to overcome the dull light.



I experimented with different shutter speeds and found that 1/6 of a second plus camera movement, gave me enough blur for interest but still retained enough detail that people could be recognized. After looking at several shots on the LCD, I forced myself to just keep shooting vs looking at every shot. I knew I just had to shoot a lot and look for a good image later in editing.



I made a bunch of images and when the it looked like the bus was moving out of a busy area, I got off, crossed the street, and got on another bus heading back to the congested area.



With the vibrance slider in Adobe Camera Raw combined with Viveza 2, I was able to take the gloom out of the scene transforming a wash-out day, into something visually interesting. Even the flare of the green safety glass at the bottom of the frame added interest.





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