Home For the Holidays

Where: Pittsford, NY



Between Meeting: Christmas Break



SnowballEpson is officially closed this week so it’s the time of year where I can finally edit the terabyte or so of Raw files I’ve been shooting.  And also spend time with my family.



Epson is located in Long Beach, CA and I while I’m originally from LA, I’ve been commuting to Southern California for 13 years from our home in Upstate NY.  It’s a long story….



Working in a warm climate and coming home to a colder climate allows me to appreciate small things in each of the climates that those living there, may not readily notice.



After being in LA for a week with temperatures in the 70s, I arrived home to a fresh blanket of snow on our front lawn.  The snow capped basketball left out overnight on the lawn told a wonderful story.  I’m sure our two kids were thinking to themselves, “What could Dad possibly see out there, its just snow.”



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