Where: New York, NY



Between Meeting: Before Seeing Peter Max



Water-Hug-lr I was 20 minutes early for a meeting with Peter Max. It was a surprisingly warm Spring day so I walked over to Lincoln Center, which is near Peter’s studio, to see if there were interesting people to photograph.



I was not optimistic on making a good photograph because it was almost noon and the light would be flat.



Sure enough the light was harsh and non-dimensional. When I’m in this kind of situation I dig deeper and look for ways to make pictures often via reflections in buildings, cars and even sunglasses to take the sting out of the unflattering light. While in that mode, I noticed brief glimpses of people through the jets of the Revson Fountain. 



I went to manual on the camera to find the right shutter speed to stop the action of the water, but not too fast that individual water droplets would cause distraction from possible subjects. I also turned off auto-focus so that I could ensure sharpness manually on subjects behind the fountain.



Then I started looking for stories and gestures among the hundreds of people around the fountain. This greeting of two Juilliard students (they put their instruments down first), made an ordinary moment more interesting by shooting through the water jets which also blocked out the harsh highlights behind them from Avery Fisher Hall.





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