My Jersey Shore

Where: Atlantic City, NJ



Between Meeting: After The Sign World Trade Show



atlantic My colleagues asked, “Why would you volunteer to staff a small regional trade show?”



Then they realized the show was in Atlantic City, and they know it’s one of my favorite places for photography. While I enjoy watching Boardwalk Empire, my Atlantic City is full of real life e.g. gritty.



Right after the trade show closed I headed out to take advantage of the short amount of sweetlight. It was late Fall, great light, but the weather was blustery. Due to the cold there weren’t many people around, but towards the North end of the Boardwalk I saw an interesting graphic element. What caught my eye was a man fishing in a red hoody that reminded me of Pete Turner’s classic “Push”. I was just past Oriental Ave. and for those that know the board game Monopoly, I was in the less glamorous light blue-purple part of town.



I don’t recall all the profanity barked at me by the man in the red hoody to not take any pictures, but I knew this could be a great shot. I was confident that I could outrun someone chasing me with a fishing pole and tackle box and that I was only interested in the graphic angle from behind. So I just smiled at the barrage of F bombs and when he turned to check on his fishing pole, I lined up the horizon, placed the thirds, made the exposure and proceeded at speed toward the green streets.



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