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Where: An Airport Somewhere in North America



Between Meeting: Can’t Remember





Not being a morning person, I turned into a disagreeable hibernating bear when the alarm starting blaring to wake up today for an early morning flight.



My strategy was to stagger to my seat, put the computer in the overhead (along with my camera) and sleep from Rochester to Chicago. Then fire up the computer on the Chicago to LA leg.



My plane pushed back on time and I was unconscious in 45 seconds. I’m a light sleeper and I woke up feeling surprising refreshed. So I looked out the window and saw the tarmac, some snow and assumed we were at O’Hare. Now the two airports I know inside and out are ROC and ORD, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw Interstate 390 in New York instead of Interstate 90 in Illinois. 



We were still on the ground in Rochester. Yep, I’ve been in this movie before and baby, it’s a rerun.



Turns out we had been waiting on the tarmac for about 40 minutes for the de-icing truck. With a 45 minute connection in Chicago and the de-icing process just starting, I knew I would miss my connection, be spending time at O’Hare and stuck in a middle seat on a later flight to LA.



I’m now writing from the center seat, in the back, on a later flight and I thought of the above image I made of a fellow traveler. Based on his expression he is probably experiencing his own starring role of flight delays and missed connections.



Based on the light and the glass I was shooting through, plus the jet in the background, I could have shot this at an airport in either Seattle, Chicago, LA, Toronto, San Fransisco, Washington DC or Boston, but I just can’t remember. Because when you are in the travel twilight zone, it really doesn’t matter where you are because you’re stuck.



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