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Viva Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas, NV



Between Meeting: Prep Day for CES




I’m headed to Las Vegas today for WPPI. I’m in Vegas 3-4 times a year for trade shows, and several tell me how incredibly lucky I am to travel so often to such a glamorous place.  Well…



It’s true that I love going to Vegas but not for the gambling, the shows or the restaurants.  I love it because of the Edward Hopper style photographs I can make late in the day with the raking light, and for the down and out scenes by looking beyond the Statue of Liberty, Pyramid and Eiffel Tower.



I captured these glamorous scenes on my way to oversee the installation of print galleries at CES. It was a blustery day and I found these two showgirls walking between hotels, through a construction site, wearing overcoats for the cold. I especially like the the look of the pedestrians who are paying zero attention to the showgirls and are just trying to stay warm. Very glamorous. Then I ran into a pan-handler whose sunglassed cat was wearing a woolly sweater because of the outdoor air temp.





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Do You Remember Back in Old LA…

Where: Santa Monica, CA



Between Meeting: Snow Day



Ferris Wheel Old

I received an automated call last month that my flights from LA through DC and home to Rochester were cancelled due to weather. The message told me I was re-booked for the same flights the next day, Sunday. I essentially had a West Coast weekend snow day!



I’m in LA a week a month but it’s usually a 7am to 7pm office routine where I don’t see much of Southern California, or enjoy temperatures that can be 50+ degrees warmer than back home. It seems the only time I can enjoy the weather is not having to trudge through ice and snow from my rental car in the parking lot to the lobby. And I smile when I see colleagues getting out of their cars wearing parkas because morning temperatures have dipped below the 60 degree mark, because I used to be one of them.



To the shock of many who think I’m a born and bred New Yorker, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and was sweeping floors for photographers in Hollywood as a teenager. I then went to college in the utopia of Santa Barbara, before heading East to Chicago and eventually New York City.



So with my free day, I gave myself an assignment to shoot something iconic but make it feel like the LA I knew as a kid. Within a few nano-seconds one can tell that I am not a surfer, but like the Beach Boys who also never surfed except for the drummer, I headed to the beach and specifically the Santa Monica pier. While color film was around when I was growing up (I’m not that old but there was no D before SLR in those days) I looked for a scene that would look great split-toned for a feeling of nostalgia. I also forced myself to use a wider focal length vs my usual tight compositions.



Towards the end of the day the wind kicked up and created a hazy silhouette of the people on the beach. Instead of spit-toning, the recently released Analog Efex Pro gave me more control for a look that helped reset the calendar, sans the solar panels in front of the Ferris Wheel.



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Northern Shadows

Where: Vancouver, Canada



Between Meeting: Night Before Meeting with London Drugs





I arrived at my hotel late afternoon and headed to the concierge lounge.



The lounge was on the top floor and had an outdoor deck. The door to the deck was locked because it was still winter so I asked a hotel employee if she would unlock the door. She looked puzzled and asked why, so I told her the light might be great. She looked more puzzled but unlocked the door.



I looked all around and didn’t see anything interesting and only felt the cold. For grins, I peered over the side and saw these wonderful shadows.



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Arrêt de Bus

Where: Montreal, Canada



Between Meeting: Day Before Epson Print Academy



Bus-Stop It was my first trip to Montreal and instead of seeing the usual sights, I hopped on a St. Laurent Blvd. bus.



St. Laurent runs through different ethnic neighborhoods that developed over decades of immigration. I stayed on the bus for a few miles and enjoyed watching the neighborhoods change character based on their influences from French, Jewish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese cultures.




I also stayed on the bus because the light was flat and blah.



With the light not improving, I got off the bus and looked for tight pictures where I could crop out the dull. Right there at the bus stop, I saw this optical illusion. A man was waiting at the shelter with a horizontal orange line painted on the exterior of two glass walls. His position sitting on a bench between the glass walls, with a vertical seam on the glass closest to camera, simultaneously reminded me of both M.C. Escher, and a basic geometry lesson of parallel lines and bisecting angles.



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