Arrêt de Bus

Where: Montreal, Canada



Between Meeting: Day Before Epson Print Academy



Bus-Stop It was my first trip to Montreal and instead of seeing the usual sights, I hopped on a St. Laurent Blvd. bus.



St. Laurent runs through different ethnic neighborhoods that developed over decades of immigration. I stayed on the bus for a few miles and enjoyed watching the neighborhoods change character based on their influences from French, Jewish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese cultures.




I also stayed on the bus because the light was flat and blah.



With the light not improving, I got off the bus and looked for tight pictures where I could crop out the dull. Right there at the bus stop, I saw this optical illusion. A man was waiting at the shelter with a horizontal orange line painted on the exterior of two glass walls. His position sitting on a bench between the glass walls, with a vertical seam on the glass closest to camera, simultaneously reminded me of both M.C. Escher, and a basic geometry lesson of parallel lines and bisecting angles.



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