Viva Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas, NV



Between Meeting: Prep Day for CES




I’m headed to Las Vegas today for WPPI. I’m in Vegas 3-4 times a year for trade shows, and several tell me how incredibly lucky I am to travel so often to such a glamorous place.  Well…



It’s true that I love going to Vegas but not for the gambling, the shows or the restaurants.  I love it because of the Edward Hopper style photographs I can make late in the day with the raking light, and for the down and out scenes by looking beyond the Statue of Liberty, Pyramid and Eiffel Tower.



I captured these glamorous scenes on my way to oversee the installation of print galleries at CES. It was a blustery day and I found these two showgirls walking between hotels, through a construction site, wearing overcoats for the cold. I especially like the the look of the pedestrians who are paying zero attention to the showgirls and are just trying to stay warm. Very glamorous. Then I ran into a pan-handler whose sunglassed cat was wearing a woolly sweater because of the outdoor air temp.





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