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Tokyo Dawn

Where: Tokyo, Japan



Between Meeting: Morning Before Meetings at Headquarters



Shinjuku-StareIt was the usual drill. Arrive at Narita, Immigration, Customs and the long train ride to Tokyo. Check into the hotel, try to stay up, crash, then wake up at 3:30am due to jet lag.




I was pacing around my 20th floor room thinking about what to do before my 8:30am train to Matsumoto. Then at dawn, I looked out the window and saw a sea of people slowly moving in the Shinjuku Central Park.  




When I got to the park I found about 100 elderly people doing exercises to recorded music. It was summer so many were wearing white exercise outfits but I was drawn to this man who was wearing a simple white t-shirt. When there is a large group of people it’s easy to want to show everybody. But by taking a low angle to remove distracting elements, I was able to create a simple and visually interesting connection with this one person.




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Do You See The Light

Where: New York, NY



Between Meeting: Outside My Hotel During Photo Plus Expo



Light-Man-2There was a construction site across the street from my hotel. It was a typical scene found throughout Manhattan where the sidewalk is diverted and/or enclosed to protect pedestrians.



While the metal fencing protected pedestrians, the area in the morning was on the shadow side of the street and as a result, looked very pedestrian. But when I returned to my hotel after the show, the last light of the day illuminated the metal giving it a warm 3D glow.



Right before sunset I noticed a shaft of light hitting people as they walked by. I waited for a person with the perfect height to walk by and light up his or her face. At least 50 people passed through the scene and the shaft of light was either hitting their hair or their neck. To complicate things, the shaft of light was moving as the sun was setting and trucks would go by and intermittently block the light. Finally, the right person walked by at the right time and it reminded me of that great scene in the Blues Brothers when John Belushi is lit up and James Brown preaches, “Do you see the light!” 30 seconds later the light was gone.



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Flying Nun?

Where: San Pedro, CA



Between Meeting: Heading Back to the Office



Blue-Nun After meeting with photographers in Hollywood, I headed south on the 405 back to the office. It was late afternoon and based on traffic that day (and almost all days), there was no way I’d be back before 6pm.



The weather was beautiful so I decided to take a detour onto the 110 to a place I used to go to in high school called Pt Fermin.



Pt Fermin is a park on a cliff at the southern most part of Los Angeles with beautiful views of the Pacific ocean. I starting taking interesting negative space images of a basketball court when I saw two nuns at an ocean overlook. I had an immediate flashback to one of my earliest childhood memories of a TV show called, the Flying Nun.



I was mesmerized by this program because it was so bizarre, and after watching this clip now as an adult, it’s still bizarre.



I introduced myself to the nuns and they told me they often come to this ocean overlook to read and pray. I asked if I could photograph them and they were very obliging. I knew they couldn’t say no, but I didn’t tell the nun above, I was finding the right angle to make her look like Sally Field catching a thermal over the Pacific.



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The Blues

Where: Miami Beach, FL



Between Meeting: After Photoshop World



Miami-Stare-AA few  years ago Photoshop World was held in Miami Beach. While South Beach comes alive with color and crowds during the afternoon and well into the night, there is a different vibe earlier in the day.



The mornings are quiet and the people on the street are a mix of locals and the less fortunate.



I met this man around 7am on Ocean Drive. Instead of a quick, “Hey can I take your picture”, I struck up a conversation about how the blue colors he was wearing connected with the blue paint of the art deco hotel behind him. That broke the ice, enabling me to make a picture that tells a story about this man’s experiences.




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