Flying Nun?

Where: San Pedro, CA



Between Meeting: Heading Back to the Office



Blue-Nun After meeting with photographers in Hollywood, I headed south on the 405 back to the office. It was late afternoon and based on traffic that day (and almost all days), there was no way I’d be back before 6pm.



The weather was beautiful so I decided to take a detour onto the 110 to a place I used to go to in high school called Pt Fermin.



Pt Fermin is a park on a cliff at the southern most part of Los Angeles with beautiful views of the Pacific ocean. I starting taking interesting negative space images of a basketball court when I saw two nuns at an ocean overlook. I had an immediate flashback to one of my earliest childhood memories of a TV show called, the Flying Nun.



I was mesmerized by this program because it was so bizarre, and after watching this clip now as an adult, it’s still bizarre.



I introduced myself to the nuns and they told me they often come to this ocean overlook to read and pray. I asked if I could photograph them and they were very obliging. I knew they couldn’t say no, but I didn’t tell the nun above, I was finding the right angle to make her look like Sally Field catching a thermal over the Pacific.



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