Tokyo Dawn

Where: Tokyo, Japan



Between Meeting: Morning Before Meetings at Headquarters



Shinjuku-StareIt was the usual drill. Arrive at Narita, Immigration, Customs and the long train ride to Tokyo. Check into the hotel, try to stay up, crash, then wake up at 3:30am due to jet lag.




I was pacing around my 20th floor room thinking about what to do before my 8:30am train to Matsumoto. Then at dawn, I looked out the window and saw a sea of people slowly moving in the Shinjuku Central Park.  




When I got to the park I found about 100 elderly people doing exercises to recorded music. It was summer so many were wearing white exercise outfits but I was drawn to this man who was wearing a simple white t-shirt. When there is a large group of people it’s easy to want to show everybody. But by taking a low angle to remove distracting elements, I was able to create a simple and visually interesting connection with this one person.




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