Mazed and Confused

Where: Kent, England



Between Meeting: On Vacation



MazeMy wife is from Kent in Southeast England and we often go there on holiday. Kent is known as the Garden of England, and on this trip I was determined to make garden pictures.



To the disappointment of my wife who is a Master Gardener, there just aren’t any real “Dano kind of pictures” to be found in a typical English Garden.



But while visiting Leeds Castle,I saw my opportunity to shoot green growing stuff in the Castle’s Maze. I thought there might be an interesting perspective from the tower in the center of the maze and headed that way. 20 minutes later I was still trying to find the center. 30 minutes later I was still trying to find the center and 40 minutes later wondered how my kids who were waving to me from the tower in the center were able to find it. But eventually (50 minutes later) I made it.



I saw my shot but had to wait for the right head to pass through the scene, in the right light. English weather is ever-changing and I would follow the perfect head as it made its way into the perfect spot only to have a cloud intercede and flatten out the scene. It’s easy to give up in this kind of situation but since I was not looking forward to making my way back out, I just monitored the sky and waited for the right person.



I saw a man in a red hat bobbing his way through the maze and it reminded me of the red raincoat from Don’t Look Now (It must have been the jet lag). He was making his way to the right spot, the sun came out, and I made two exposures before the clouds returned.





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