Central Park or Lake Placid?

Where: New York, NY




Between Meeting: After IPC Annual Lunch





A few years ago I attended the annual International Photographic Council’s lunch at the United Nations.



My flight out of LaGuardia wasn’t until after 10pm which allowed me to look for pictures during golden hour.



Normally I head to my old stomping grounds in Chelsea, Tribeca or Soho. This area of The City was my old sales territory and the very heart of the Photo District.



But since I was on the East Side in a tony-neighborhood, I decided to stay out of my comfort zone and headed up to Central Park. It was frustrating at first looking at classic scenes of joggers, people out for a walk and the well-heeled having a late afternoon picnic. How boring…



One of the things I love about New York are the extremes between urban congestion and open spaces. With some basic camera techniques forcing flare and using selective focus for the best bokeh, I was able to make this picture look like a classic scene from the Adirondacks, vs its actual location where 4 million people could be found in a 4 mile radius.




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