Where: Rental Car Lot at LAX



Between Meeting: Heading to the Office




When I landed at LAX it was raining. Not a big deal, except in LA where it’s a major news event.



The local news stations send reporters to various parts of the city and later that night “Storm Watch” is broadcasted to the Southland letting those watching know that it, drum-roll please, rained.



These reports often consume 20% of the broadcast with rain amounts that wouldn’t keep this New Yorker off a golf course.



Knowing how Angelenos panic when it rains, I decided to make a soothing image. When I was choosing a car in the rental car lot I came across rainwater beading on the top of a sunroof. At the right angle and when going macro, the green tint of the sunroof glass made these beaded raindrops look like polished stones.



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