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Where: Teston, Kent, England




Between Meeting: On Vacation




I’m on a working vacation right now in England or as they say in the UK, “Holiday”.



Big news here is the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) could become less “United” with Scotland soon to vote on Devolution.



So in future we might have to call-out specific regions of the former UK and with that, I was reminded of this image shot on holiday in the village of Teston, County Kent, England.



Teston is a small Medway River town and every year they have a kite festival. Kite festivals are a big deal in England (Not sure about Scotland) and with a mix of blue skies and puffy clouds, it’s easy to succumb to postcard pictures. By getting on my back and shooting up at the person flying multiple kites, I was able to capture a portrait without a face letting the hat convey this person’s personality.



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