But Where?

Where: Portland, ME



Between Meeting: Morning of Video Shoot



Fog StrowlThere are two Portlands with a sizable population in the United States. Portland Oregon is the better known city with one of the best mottos out there, “Keep Portland Wierd.



The lesser known big Portland is Portland Maine. It’s the largest city in the State but most only know the airport and rental car lot from which to head to the more famous Maine Coastline.



I was very excited to have a few free hours in the early morning to explore the city vs shooting another lighthouse. The alarm went off at 6:00am and I quickly threw back the curtains to check out the view from my hotel room. I was disappointed that the hotel had to install a temporary frosted window for some kind of repair, since all I saw was diffused light and no details like that of a bathroom window. But then I saw a faint blurry object move across the window and realized we were big time fogged in.



When confronted with this type of weather in the past I’d just go back to sleep, but now I see it as a great opportunity to create images with mood. So I bolted out of the hotel.



One block away I saw three people walking down the sidewalk. I waited for the right gesture and made the simple but impactful image. This could have been shot in Portland or New York or Beijing but it doesn’t matter.  When its foggy I put my focus on the fog, and not what’s fogged in.





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